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While detailed Discounted Cash Flow models seem either too complicated or too time consuming for large public companies, we at Davidson & Hogan can help you with these valuations. Whether it's your first time investing, or you're an experienced investor who just needs an extra person valuing companies for you and your team, Davidson & Hogan can help!

The valuations shown below took us only three hours to complete, which makes them very detailed and in-depth for the time they took to complete (and the low price you would pay). We learned these valuation techniques through Aswath Damodaran's online course


Call or email us for a sample of more in-depth valuations that we can also do. Oil companies, distressed companies, new companies, and private businesses all usually require a more in-depth look.

Delta Air Lines, Inc

Check our our free valuation of one of the major Airlines companies. Look around at the worksheet we used to calculate Delta's value per share and test your own assumptions. And as always be sure to call us if you have any questions.

Click here to download the valuation (.xlsx)

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