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When was the last time you hired someone who didn’t care about delivering an excellent work product? It was probably the last time you hired anyone at all. The unfortunate truth of the world we live in is that a lot of people do not care whether their customer receives the work product they envisioned. It may have been a graphic designer on Fiverr, or someone who remodeled your kitchen. I am willing to bet that every step of the process led to more frustration and disappointment.

Needless to say, that will NOT be the experience you have working with Davidson & Hogan, LLC. From start to finish, you will only be faced with cheery, willing to help professionals. That is because we care about the experience you receive from our services. If it is not absolutely, 100% satisfying, then you know we will have a problem too.

We have a 5.0 star rating on Google, which takes dedication to each and every client we have. How do we do this? Ensuring that the customer gets whatever they want, however quickly they want it. That is our #1 goal at Davidson & Hogan, LLC. One of the measures I take to ensure customer satisfaction is to give everyone my personal cell phone number, so that they may reach me day or night. Since we’ve never had an unhappy customer, I doubt you will be the first!

Here are five examples of why I am the perfectly passionate candidate for your marketing team:

  1. I always deliver work products that exceed expectations, not because the expectations were low in the first place, but because I do not stop until I’ve gone above and beyond on any project

  2. I hardly sleep on the regular, and likewise work about 14-16 hours per day, seven days a week. This time is dedicated to my clients’ marketing needs.

  3. I have a background in finance and economics, which gives me the ideal perspective on fiscally sensible marketing strategies.

  4. I am an honest, hard-working, devoted servant to my clients. It is my guarantee.

  5. Growing up working class meant fighting for what I want. What I want now is for your business to succeed.

Still interested? Give me a call, my number is below. You won’t be disappointed.

Bennet Hogan

Chief Executive Officer

Davidson & Hogan, LLC


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