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When is the last time you re-assessed the marketing needs of your company? If you’re like most people, it was when you first began selling your product or service. Unfortunately, it should be done multiple times throughout any given year. In this process, you should consult a marketing professional to help guide you through the tedious steps required. This is where Davidson & Hogan comes to help. In the following 5 paragraphs, I will detail the history of our company, and explain what makes us a superior marketing firm for any small business: our reliability, our passion, expertise, and our prices.

Our History

Founded on Jan 2nd of 2020, Davidson & Hogan has already led dozens of companies across Texas and the United States to an increase in sales and growth. We started as two friends with big ideas in the CEO Bennet Hogan’s apartment, and within 8 months grew to a premium office space in Houston, Texas at 12 Greenway Plaza. Building a successful business from hosting a principal office in a 1 bedroom apartment has taught us more lessons about marketing and growing a business than any Youtube course or book can. That’s not to say we didn’t do our fair share of learning from books, college courses, and other sources. However, the experience you gain from growing your own business from the bottom is priceless.


Our firm has only ever received 5 star ratings on Google. This takes dedication to each and every customer. Every one of which has the CEO’s personal cell phone number, with the invitation to call him at any time. Having never had a dissatisfied customer, I doubt you’ll be the first. Davidson & Hogan pride themselves on being reliable, professional, and knowledgeable.


I live and breathe marketing. Bennet lives and breathes marketing. It’s true marketing is our occupation; it is also a hobby, a passion, and frankly, a lifestyle. This shows up every day in the work product we deliver to our customers, we guarantee it.


Myself and the CEO have done extensive research, studying, and experimentation in relation to market trends and marketing strategy. In addition, we employ members to our team who hold Bachelor’s degrees in Marketing, Finance, and Business Administration. Adding us to your marketing team will make the difference between growing your business and losing out to inflation.


From the formulation of our firm, our prices have driven our success. Simply because no one can beat them. We limit our overhead costs in nearly every way possible, and pass the savings directly to our customers. Our most expensive and inclusive marketing package is more than four times cheaper than our competitors’.

The reason that no one re-assesses the marketing needs of their company is simply a lack of time. You must hire a team of marketing professionals to guide you through this confusing process. Not only are Davidson & Hogan the most trustworthy and reliable, but also passionate about what we do. Our expertise allows us to successfully grow your business, while keeping your marketing expenses lower due to our most competitive pricing. Let Davidson & Hogan guide your business to success, you will not be disappointed.

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