Managing Your Business Ads

Every business relies on customers and customer growth. Advertising online through Google, Bing, Facebook, and other outlets is a great way to spread the word about your business. However, navigating all of these platforms without wasting your advertising budget is almost impossible without a professional.

Let us help! Davidson & Hogan can manage your ad campaigns for a minimal fee and help you see more conversions!

What do we charge?

We charge $200-$1000 to set up your ads, depending on the amount of work required (it will be higher if your advertising budget requires that you run a lot of ads). We will set up ads on whatever platforms you wish. This service also includes market, keyword, and audience research.


If you want Davidson & Hogan to manage your ads, we charge a varying amount per month (see chart below) to check on the performance every day and adjust the settings to optimize your advertising goals. This service also includes meetings every week via Zoom to discuss the results of your ads and talk about ways they can change. Contact us today if you have any questions!

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Meet our Advertising Consultant

Hello, my name is Dalia El-Haibe. 

I have over three years of experience learning the best ways to get customers and clients to different types of businesses.

I have helped businesses gain over 5X return on ad spend just by implementing the different tactics I have learned over the years. These tactics are different for each and every business.

I have worked with product based businesses and have helped them build their website from scratch, implementing the right colors that attract clients to purchase on their site. By diversifying and using not only Facebook but also Google and Bing ads, I helped these product businesses be everywhere their customers are.

I also have experience with service based businesses and helping them to promote their business to be on the top page of search page results when a customer is searching for a key keyword. Some of the clients I have worked with are dental offices, achieving their goals of getting them more clients every month. Another client we have worked with is a private school and by changing their google ads account and fixing certain things that a marketing agency had done for them, gave them more students to their school.

Take a look at our web design section to see our sites we have created as well as results we have generated with our product stores we have helped.

I hope you consider working with us. Thank you!


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Contact Us Below For A Free Consultation Limited Time Now!

In order to be able to offer our services to every client, no matter the advertising budget, we decided to charge a percentage of your ad budget every month. This will be billed at the beginning of the month, and should you decide to cancel we will finish out the month of service!

*All clients will also have a $200-$1000 start up fee for setting up the ads.

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