Hello, my name is Bennet Hogan, and I'm the CEO of Davidson & Hogan, LLC. I am currently an Economics major (Business minor) at Rice University.


Cameron and I have been best friends since childhood. We have always used our friendship to improve ourselves. When we were 12, that was solving the Rubik's cube in 30 seconds, and now it is competing in financial markets. We're young and we're playful, but very good at what we do.

My name is Cameron Davidson. I am the co-founder and CFO of Davidson & Hogan along side my trustworthy business partner and friend, Bennet Hogan.

I am a Business Finance major in my junior year of college, residing in the Houston area. Bennet and I share  interests in corporate finance, investing in the stock market, and entrepreneurship which ultimately lead to us being business partners.

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